Day +175 and an Unexpected Gift

Today was mostly a normal day around the house, full of chores and deep cleaning. Naomi is one of these abnormal children who likes to help clean. Today, she wanted to dust – so much that she was willing to wear a mask to dust! So, dust she did.

In the afternoon, her and Lauryn ran to the mailbox. Upon returning, there were only two pieces of mail. One was from the local hospital where she spent 10 days when first diagnosed and then 21 days when diagnosed and treated for typhlitis. All together, her bill at that hospital was over $200,000 and our portion was about $8000. We had paid some but there was a remaining balance of $7200.

In April, upon returning home from CA and able to start dealing with finances, we applied for a payment plan or assistance of some sort to Dignity Health who runs St. Rose Siena Hospital.

In June, we got a reply asking for more information about our family and income. I quickly replied, but the paperwork never arrived there on time. Upon calling Dignity Health 3 weeks after the updated info was sent, they had me fax it in to expedite our account.

So, when the envelope was there today, I was a little nervous. It was just last week that they reported our paperwork was all there and the account was being processed. I was THRILLED to open the envelope and learn that we were given a HUGE gift on day +175. They reduced our amt due by 84%! We are down to just a little over $1000 due now. What an incredible Blessing!

Naomi had gymnastics, again, today and continues to do well. We travel to COH late next week for her monthly follow-up appt. Depending on how you look at it, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week is 6 months since her new birthday, which was January 15, 2014. We do not have anything special planned…. not sure if that will change. 6 months is definitely something to celebrate.

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