6 months!

At first, I titled this page “6 months down, 6 months to go!” because we are daily talking and thinking about the day when she is off meds. But at the risk of moving too far too fast, I changed it and made myself reframe my thinking as to the progress she has made and how much time has gone by since her transplant, since her last transfusion, since we returned home and since her Broviac was removed. All the time that has gone by that has allowed her to be a normal 6 year old that we are thankful for!

We celebrated with an ice cream cake last night. It was a surprise for the kids. We normally do an ice cream cake for my birthday, so I surprised them with one a few days early. 🙂

6 month cake

I was not prepared for the emotions of the day from both Naomi and Micayah….. ok, and myself.  At one point, I asked Micayah to do aomething for me and Naomi jumped up to run and do it.  He yelled at her that “Mom told me to do it!” and she answered very smartly, “I AM part Micayah AND Naomi!”  So, we all laughed and he hugged her.  They definitely have an interesting relationship.  Sometimes, when she is being a normal 6 year old, he gets mad at her for not being nice to him “after all he did for her” but most days they are very affectionate and helpful to one another.

As the mom, it is hard to think of all he went through and to remember how helpless I felt watching them both go through so much and I was unable to do anything to help the situation.

On other things….. since my posts are so few and far between these days….

Gymnastics is going very well.  On Day +173 Naomi got to ring the bell at gymnastics for mastering her back walkover from standing position with a perfect bridge.  I could not help but be the cheering parent in the observing room but ran from the platform to shield my tears.  If only those other parents knew where she has been….

I was cleaning out my purse the other day. I went into a section that I never use and was shocked to find a heparin flush. Ugh! I was happy to dispose of it quickly.

With Naomi loving to do her nails as much as she does, we have registered with Jamberry and will be having a Jamberry sale on her website (and elsewhere) soon. All proceeds will go directly to payoff her medical debt. We are under $5000 now, since the hospital gave us the discount that I posted about last week. If you are interested in checking out Jamberry, let me know, but please order from Naomi! Her website will be active soon.  But you can click here for some information.  http://www.jamberrynails.net/

Naomi and I will make the drive to COH tomorrow for her monthly followup.  Keep us in your prayers as we go down and back the same day.

We miss hearing from many of you and hope you are all well.

One thought on “6 months!

  1. I don’t answer many of your posts mostly because the tears are making it too hard to see the keyboard. Thankfully they are tears of joy over how well she is doing. I do check for your posts almost daily and love hearing about her progress. You are all in our prayers daily. Keep up the good work Mom. You are one of the best.

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