Day +201

And she rang the bell at gymnastics, again.  This time for her back-walkover from standing position.  It is safe to say her back-walkovers are just about perfect now.  She was not doing them this well before the transplant…. She is simply amazing!

On Day +200, we hung out at home and ate chocolate chip cookies as our treat.  Last week, we went out for lunch and dessert with friends and spent our budget for treats.  😉

Her labs from last week trickled in throughout the week, and reminded us how hard it is to stay hydrated in the desert, especially while on kidney-toxic meds.  Her BUN, creatinine, potassium, and triglycerides were way high.  We did have a potassium and fatty meal right before her appt which the dr recognized as possibly making the levels temporarily inflated.  We will see on August 18th when she reports to COH if those values continue to be high.  

We are extremely thankful for the 80-90 degree weather this week giving us a break.  We continue to hound her to drink more water….. and countdown the days until she is done with cyclosporine.


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