Fluctuating Temps

Easier than writing a post, considering my limited capacity for thinking this morning, here is the info I provided for Naomi’s doctors today. Please pray that we will have answers about these fluctuating temps and that it will be easily correctable and not a major infection. It amazes me how inconvenient Naomi finds these fevers because otherwise she is fine. Good appetite, happy, doing flips around the house. We need answers.

I wanted to update you on Naomi.

As I discussed with Dr. Pawlowska at a few visits, Naomi has had low grade fevers (high 99s to low 100s, never having gone over 100.4) at the end of the week. She takes Bactrim on Mondays and Tuesdays and those fevers seem to be consistent on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

But this week, the low grade fever continued to Saturday. On Sunday, she woke from a nap after church with a fever of 102.7. She was under a fleece blanket. So I waited an hour and rechecked. It was 101.6. I took her to the ER at St. Rose Siena.

When we got there, she was 100.9. About 2 hours later, they rechecked and she was 101.3. They administered Tylenol, did blood tests and a urine test. Her CBCs were fine. They said her crp was a little high 1.2 on a scale of .3 to 1.0. Otherwise she has no symptoms of infection. Dr. Andruz and Dr. Bernstein both physically examined her.

She was administered a dose of ceftriaxone via IV. When we left there, her temp was 98.9. We were instructed to follow up with Dr. Rashid for blood culture results on Monday. Dr. Andruz also did a cyclosporine level and said those results would be in today, Monday.
Thank you,

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