Negative cultures

At least so far! Temps are back down in the 98s and she is acting fine. We visited Dr. Rashid on Tuesday. While there, her blood counts were fine, again. They did draw blood to test her for CMV and EBV viruses. Please pray that those results are negative.
I have been a hound dog on her to keep her drinking. I have also really been focusing on low sugar foods, high amount of vegetables and limited high triglyceride foods. I have her on a source of omega oils that includes 7 plant sources and is 3 times the omegas she was taking in on her previous oil supplement. This was recommended by COH to reduce her inflammation levels. We are also really focusing on keeping her body in an alkaline state, which means we decreased grains especially and she drinks lemon water a lot. We have been applying some antiviral essential oils topically, and honestly have been most days since transplant. Frankincense, thyme and eucalyptus all diluted in fractionated coconut oil are antivirals. Up to this point, I have believed the essential oils to have really helped her stay well while recovering. Hope that is still the case!
Tomorrow, August 14, will be Naomi’s 7th birthday. We pray for good news on cyclosporine levels, and anything else that might come our way. Also, we pray that her temp stays below 101. My orders are to go get another IV antibiotic if that temp goes over 101. The last IV did not go so smoothly for her and she was terribly upset afterwards. I hope she does not have to endure another, so please pray temps stay down!

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