Virus Results and More – Day +216

We found out today that both of Naomi’s virus reports were favorable. So, we likely never will know what caused her temps to be high, but we are thankful that her temps have stayed low for the past week and a half! (I still suspect her meds are contributing to high temps, as side effect lists of both her meds list fevers as potential side effects. But I am not a dr, although I feel like I play one at home….).

I continue to be thankful that her dose has not been increased lately and count down the days until she can be off meds all together. (Only 149 days to 1 year!)

Naomi had a much anticipated meeting this evening with her Make-a-Wish team. They were very sweet and brought gifts for all of the children. They were surprised by Naomi’s requests and the reasons for which she asked for her requests. They commented on how thoughtful she was in her request. I am so anxious to tell everyone what she requested, and was surprised by it as well because she had been discussing a few options and possible wishes. It was not until they were here that she shared with all of us what her final decision was. So, we will all have to see if her first wish will be granted…. And then I will share. 🙂

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