Fight With Sydney Elizabeth

I have been sharing Sydney’s on Facebook.  I need to post it here as well. Sydney was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in March 2014 and has been fighting ever since.  Multiple infections, fungal infections, transfusions of blood and platelets, and the drs have said there is nothing more medically they can do for her.  She is resting at home on oxygen and seeking the prayers of everyone.  Her family is asking that we spread her story to increase awareness about Aplastic Anemia and especially complications caused by fungal infections.

I was in touch with her family via email and text back in the summer as they researched her transplant options at City of Hope. We almost met but her appt with our Dr was going on while we were in the waiting room; then they took us back to the examining room before her meeting with the transplant team ended.   She has a beautiful smile.  I have held her close to my heart constantly.  Please keep this family in your prayers. 

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