Day +225 and the Cake Punks

It was late this afternoon when I remembered today is Day +225.  I spent the morning trying to convince Naomi that doing her history and geography was not impossible…. then spent about an hour listening to her sing and make up songs about math being fun.

When I realized today was Day +225, we were in the middle of Grammar and Micayah, Malakye & Lauryn were definitely bored.  So, the conversation went like this:

Me: Oh! Today is +225!

Micayah: UGH! We need to get a cake.  We cannot let Day +225 (said sarcastically) go by without a cake.

Malakye: We should get a cake for Day +226, too.

Micayah: Yeah!  You owe us a lot of cakes  By now, we should have eaten 225 cakes since January 15th.

Punks.  See if I buy them a cake.


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