Micayah is playing on a flag football league this year. This is probably the only time in our lives that we will cheer for the Raiders since that is the team to which he was assigned. :).

Last week, his first game was a loss against the Seahawks with a score of 48-28. Although a loss for the team, Micayah personally got a sack and a tackle. In flag football, a tackle is a flag pull on a member of the opposing team. As a rusher, Micayah’s first order of play is to sack the opposing team’s quarterback.

Today, he played the Steelers and was all over the field getting a sack, tackle, blocked pass and ended the game with the final interception to seal up the shut out of the Steelers with a score of 0-39. He was high-fived and hugged by his teammates and his coach picked him up and celebrated with him while telling Micayah his is the hardest working member of the team.

Most mornings, Micayah is awake around 7:30-8am, does some school work while it is quiet and then goes out to do his morning workout for football. His workout involves a run and exercises. He is extremely dedicated.

On our way off the field today, a woman stopped me. Her son was on the opposing team and she told me that she was watching for Micayah to leave the field because she wanted to tell him how much she respected his attitude on the field and that she could tell he is a good person on and off the field. She nearly had tears in her eyes while telling him what a good person he is and that she appreciated how well he acts.

This league is highly focused on ethical behavior. Parents wear shirts to match the team and if the parents misbehave, the team will be penalized. Most of the kids are good kids without bad language or attitudes. They really support one another. It is refreshing to be part of an organization like Henderson Flag Football. We were introduced to it by our neighbors whose sons play. Malakye looks forward to playing next season, too.





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