Day +250 and 1 Year Since Hospital Admission

Our 2 boys and 4 girls with friends at Farmer Boys today. That means it was Micayah & Malakye with 11 girls! Poor guys are way outnumbered but so Blessed to have such sweet young ladies as friends. David-Rita Halas and Graciela Vazquez Guthrie it was so nice to spend the afternoon with your families. You have all been tremendous Blessings to us and we were happy to celebrate Day +250 with you. This Monday is the 1 year anniversary of Naomi having been admitted to the hospital which resulted in her AA diagnosis later in the week. A week of many emotions but especially gratefulness for how far she has come in a year.


In other updates, Naomi attended her first XCEL gymnastics class this past Wednesday. When she came home, she was wiped out and said, “I did not know XCEL would include conditioning! I am beat!” And it did wipe her out. I do not think she has done gymnastics since that class. I am happy to see her feeling fulfilled at practice. The weekend was busy with Micayah’s football game Saturday and church and getting together with friends on Sunday. Naomi continues to do well but is struggling with some low grade fevers, still, on the days right after Bactrim. Alkalizing liquids seem to help a lot though -apple cider vinegar water, lemon water and green smoothies. We will be starting a countdown to Day +365 soon. I think we will do a wall chain or something at home and remove a link each day to countdown to her Re-birthday (and the EDD of her little sister!).

We have 12 more weeks of last year’s school to complete. We will then move right into next year’s curriculum so that Micayah will begin 9th grade, HIGH SCHOOL!, in August/September on-time. We will continue to homeschool through high school and continue to use the curriculum we are currently using (Mother of Divine Grace) but he will be enrolled in that school officially. So, I will teach him but the advisors there help keep us on track and be sure we have everything in line for college as far as credits and classes required. So, in December, we will have Micayah is 8th, Malakye in 6th, Lauryn in 5th, Naomi in 2nd and Niamh officially in K/1!

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