Day +252

While we happily prepare for a normal day of school, gymnastics and football, we are looking back, too. A year ago on this day, September 24, 2013, Naomi had her first of what be a total of 3 bone marrow biopsies.

During these months as I “relive” her illness with the calendar, I am working on writing notes about the experience to compile her book. I am finding it difficult to decide what to put here and what to put on the book template. I end up writing a lot here and then emailing it to my book notes rather than weigh you down with all of it. The last thing I want is to turn her current blog into a Debbie-downer experience. Compiling information for her book has been more difficult than I anticipated. Part of me doesn’t want to go there. Another part of me knows that getting it all down in writing will allow me to actually move beyond it better.

I received a call today that Aetna Specialty pharmacy is delivering a 90-day supply of Gengraf cyclosporine tomorrow. This could very well be her last delivery of that prescription. That is exciting! When we return to City of Hope the first week of November, I am expecting a weaning schedule.

As I write this outside and watch the children run around before we begin school, I am enjoying the cool morning (hey, it is under 95 in Vegas and that is saying something!) and am especially grateful that all my children are happy, healthy and home.

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