Last Week of Cyclosporine! – Day +341

The difference between this Christmas season and last is like night and day.

Last year, we were preparing for transplant.  She was getting daily IVs and injections, and transfusions multiple times each week.

This year, Naomi is getting off meds and our house looks a lot less like a pharmacy.  She has been transfusion-free since March 14.  That makes it over 9 months since she has needed a transfusion!

Today is the first day of her last week of cyclosporine! She will take 1 capsule each day this week.  No second dose in the evening.  Just 1 a day!  So, today, we packed up all her extra meds and have them prepared to drop off at the Metro police department (which is the way meds are supposed to be disposed of around here).  We took the monkey lunch bag that was housing her thermometers and meds and put it back into the cabinet with other lunch boxes. The thermometers are put away with bandaids and other first aid supplies.  It is so nice to not be living in fear anymore!  I cannot remember the last time I used a thermometer on her, although I will admit to habitually hugging her in a way so as to feel her forehead temp.

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