1 year evaluations. Day +349

Naomi had 3 appointments today. Her daddy took her to them all so that I could stay home. 🙂

Her pulmonary function test went smoothly.

Her labs were quite good with platelets over 200,000 and hemoglobin at 11.8. RBCs were my highest recorded result of 3.66. Her WBCs were in normal range but slightly depressed due to a virus she is fighting. She was ill over the weekend, vomited a few times, but is recovering very well. And that is with her not having gotten a flu shot…..
Her cardiologist appointment went smoothly, too. Last year, before transplant, we were informed that she had a small hole in her heart that would likely require some surgery. Today, they told us that “her heart looks perfectly normal” and that hole is gone. Blessings and miracles continue to manifest for her. She will have a follow-up with the cardiologist in one year to monitor for possible chemo effects. I hear the cardiologist appt went very smoothly since How To Train Your Dragon was on in every room in the building. It seems that fact made all the leads she had to wear easily forgivable.

We look forward to the new year with so many exciting events on the horizon for us. We wish you all a very happy and healthy new year. Your support and encouragement has been such a gift to us.

One thought on “1 year evaluations. Day +349

  1. I still check this site everyday looking for updates. It is such a miracle that she is doing so well and there is no important news for so many weeks at a time. You all continue to be in our prayers. As new year’s approaches, it is time to tuck away all the heart ache of 2014 and look to the bright horizon of 2015. You are a truly amazing family and I am blessed to have been touched by you.

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