Telomere Testing

Micayah finally had his blood drawn today to check the length of his telomeres.  On January 23, the request was sent to Aetna to do this testing.  On February 1 it began the evaluation process.  On February 10, it became clear that Naomi needed a second transplant and so on Monday the 13th we inquired about the status of this pre-approval.  Aetna said that a decision would be made by the end of the day Wednesday, February 15.  That was a slight problem.  Ideally the test would be completed on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and sent to Vancouver for processing via overnight delivery.  The doctor’s office and I both called Aetna each day to try to push it.  On Wednesday night, we received the go-ahead to schedule the blood test.  At 10:30am today, Micayah had the test completed.  Now we wait to know the size of his telomeres and confirm that he is still a good match for Naomi.  Here is a video that explains why we did the telomere test.

Telomeres – Danielle Townsley, M.D.


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