Cleared to Fly

I received a call from Dr. Margolis that he and her local physicians agree she is ok to fly on Southwest on Monday morning.  Based on no fevers the past 4 days and her continued good energy and appearance.  So, it’s a go.

Thank you to all the friends and family who reached out to their many contacts to try to get us a private flight.  Nothing came through but the prayers worked.  Just the news that she is leaving for Wisconsin on Monday has helped her to be more upbeat.  This morning she is keeping herself from being bored by creating some music on GarageBand.  I might see if I can start to share some of what she writes…. if she will let me.

4 thoughts on “Cleared to Fly

  1. Hi Naomi!
    We are so happy and thankful to hear you can fly soon! We pray for you may times every day. Each of the Thiessen kids try to be the first one to say an intention for you :). Brenna & Brielle especially miss you at Mass, Schola and Little Flowets. We believe we will see you back soon, completely healthy! Know that we love you.
    Big hugs!
    The Thiessen Family

  2. Sarah and I loved visiting with you last night!! You are such a beautiful and graceful young lady! Jacquie was so disappointed she couldn’t come! It will make the next time she sees you that much more special!! We are all looking forward to your updates in WI. You remain in our hearts and prayers!❤🙏🏼

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