Day 8/ -8

Today was the 8th day we are here and it also marked -8 to BMT.  Her catheter went in well with no complications or concerns.  She now has a purple line coming out of her body just beside her right armpit.  Recovery went well and fast.  She ate very well after needing to fast for this procedure requesting 3 meals in about 6 hours time.  She ate grilled cheese, tomato soup, chocolate milk, a ground beef burrito with the works and rice and refried beans, a yogurt berry smoothie and an orange sherbet.  I was impressed.  She seems determined to eat through the transplant and said the hospital food is actually good. She is permitted to eat whatever she would like from the menu at any time of the day.  She is also allowed and encouraged to leave the room, walk the hallways and be as active as she feels capable.

She was in a playful mood this evening but not photogenic in the least.  Getting used to being inpatient again was a bit of a challenge for us all.  It became very real today.  Once Micayah and I returned to the RMH tonight we played some ping pong to destress.  It is amazing how long a day can feel but I am thankful to have him here with me and will enjoy every moment of it until I have to send him back home.  Naomi’s chemo begins at 8am CT tomorrow morning. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as we head into a long and trying few weeks.

Micayah at the window; Naomi hiding under the blankets.

2 thoughts on “Day 8/ -8

  1. Loved seeing all of the foods you ate today. Way to go with the big eyes and eating it all. Yummy!!! I’m so glad I’m able to read yours updates… I think of you daily. Your in my heart ❤️!!!

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