Proceeding As Planned

I arrived at 8am today to find that Naomi had a fever overnight and her hemoglobin dropped considerably.  Her care team did a chest X-ray to be sure that her chest looked fine after the line surgery since their primary concern was blood inside where it didn’t belong.  It was all normal.  The drop in hemoglobin is likely due to her having IV fluids.  So chemo protocol is proceeding today.  They are monitoring her for creeping creatinine levels.  It is possible she will need a change from Bactrim since it seems to make her kidneys unhappy.  This morning she is having a harder time because of how often she was woken up last night.  She said the nurses come in very often and are not quiet.  I did not sleep great myself knowing what was ahead for her, but at least at the RMH I got a few hours of uninterrupted rest.

Naomi did math and spelling so far today and had a visit from Cheeto with pet therapy.  She is eating breakfast now and then she will have some play time and craft time.  Staying busy is the theme of the day….

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