-6 Recap

While Campath infused, Naomi enjoyed some time with the art therapist who was helping Naomi decorate her room.  I think the goal is to turn the walls into a forest with animals, plants and flowers.  That was the decision after she was told that painting the walls was not permitted.  During her art time, Micayah and I went to Ash Wednesday services in the chapel and grabbed some lunch in the cafeteria.  She continued to be non-photogenic today.

I was trying to sneak in a photo, asked for permission and got a tadbit of video of her saying that I couldn’t photograph her.  Then she realized I was recording her and was laughing hysterically.



The art therapist was leaving the floor as I was walking back in after lunch.  Upon entering the room, Naomi was in bed with the covers over her eyes. She said she was nauseous and had a pounding headache.  The nurse gave more anti-nausea meds and ordered blood to help her fluid levels (because the headache was likely a sign of her anemia and the chemo just exacerbated the symptoms).  I rubbed Naomi’s feet with some lotion and she quickly fell asleep.  I covered her all up.  I sat next to her bed and knitted with my feet propped up on her bed, next to her covered feet.  She slept very soundly for about an hour.

I was looking at my knitting and felt her feet rubbing against mine.  I looked down and she had pushed her feet out from under the blanket and was using her foot to rub my feet.  I looked at her face and she smiled at me.  I asked how her head felt and she said “better.”  She smiled again and closed her eyes and went back to sleep with our feet touching.  After a while, I tucked her back into the covers and went for dinner with Micayah.

Micayah and I hiked through the snow on the skywalk back to the RMH for dinner.  While there, he covered his feet and legs being reminded what real winter was like…

We were able to meet some rabbits at pet therapy at the RMH.  They were huge and so soft.

When we returned from dinner, Naomi was sitting up, looking refreshed and proceeded to enjoy a large part of the evening.  We read more of Echo, made a crafty giraffe and ordered her a light smoothie for dinner.  She completed all of her evening routine without difficulty including taking all her evening meds (she swallows about 7 pills twice a day and needs to “bathe” with chlorhexidine wipes once a day).  Around 9:30pm, she got suddenly tired and I got her into bed quickly.  Tomorrow and Friday is the same chemotherapy schedule.  She did so well today.  I had no idea she would rally the way that she did this evening.  Her strength is simply amazing.


4 thoughts on “-6 Recap

  1. I hope you all are doing okay! Im glad she’s doing good, and her strength IS amazing (: Lots of love – Trinity

  2. Awe. I’m glad she isn’t getting worse and getting better, and her strength is truly amazing (:
    Lots of love and prayers,

  3. Wow, art therapy, dance therapy, pet therapy!!! This all sounds so amazing!! Add music therapy to that, because I am going to send her some schola music to practice!! Tell Naomi and Micayah that the Leals are sending lots of love and prayers their way!

    • Some schola music to practice is a great idea! There is music therapy here too. They gave her an electronic keyboard yesterday too. 🙂

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