-6 (Wednesday)

Naomi started out having a great morning. She rested well and woke, dressed, took AM meds and made her bed. Her first chemo, Fludarabine, went without any hitches. Today she completed her 2/5 for that. It ran for one hour.  Her second chemo for the day was Campath and the first time she would receive it over 2 hours.  She received all the premeds to mitigate side effects and prevent nausea – but somehow the drip never really got unlocked and after more than hour it was realized that the Campath never actually started.  This was our first hiccup here and while it means she needs more premedication and the whole process of infusing Campath has yet to begin while we thought she was just cruising through it, there really is no huge problem with it.  Her doctor stopped in and said the same thing as me – it is just annoying because we have to watch her more closely through the late afternoon now because reactions to Campath can happen for  few hours.  It is interesting to me that although she had chemo which is known to make one nauseous, she also had Zofran to curb that.  But she has also had steroids which increase appetite and so her menu choices are impressive.  She has eaten surprisingly normal size portions so far.

Distracting her is becoming more of a challenge for me.  I am refraining from making this blog about me at all…. but this introvert has just about had enough today!  The never-ending line of people who come into her room and ask us a million questions a day are very well-meaning and doing their jobs superiorly and we appreciate that but it does get overwhelming.  She has spent time coloring, playing piano (they brought her an electric keyboard to keep in her room!), reading out loud, math, science and eating.  Now, she is spending time with the art therapist while I type this up.  I continue to have technical difficulties this afternoon so there is no photo attached here.

Her chemo schedule this week is:

2/28 –  Fludarabine

3/1 – Fludarabine & Campath

3/2 – Fludarabine & Campath

3/3 – Fludarabine & Campath

3/4 – Fludarabine & Cyclosphosphamide (with Mesna)

3/5 – Cyclophosphamide (with Mesna)

3/6 – Prograf for Naomi; harvest for Micayah

3/7 – transplant infusion


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