-7 Update (Tuesday)

Tuesday was fairly uneventful after the morning fevers and chest x-ray. Her fludarabine went without any hitches. She did not request any antinausea meds besides those she gets around the clock. By afternoon she had regained an appetite. She ended up eating quite a bit. English muffin, peach smoothie and sausage for breakfast; Salad and baked potato and lemonade for lunch; fried shrimp, 2 hot dogs, mashed potatoes, a freeze pop and mango smoothie for dinner. 

She walked the halls a few times, danced with the dance therapist for an hour, and did some painting.  She was out of bed all day. 

We began reading a book together. It is called Echo and such a good read. It allows us to escape for a while. 

She is still not being photogenic. 

Her and the dance teacher rearranged the room to make more room to dance. I am forever grateful to the therapists and volunteers who stop in here daily who allow her to get in touch with the passionate side of her. 

One thought on “-7 Update (Tuesday)

  1. I don’t know, I love the scrunched up nose pic. 😂 A dance therapist?? That’s amazing they keep and allow for so much activity! So happy to hear the progress you’re making, Naomi and to hear about your adventures in Wisconsin.

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