Micayah Donor Harvest

Micayah visited Naomi this morning before reporting to the OR.

Naomi didn’t want us to be out of her sight so we had her on FaceTime as long as possible.

She and I ate lunch and worked on a puzzle during his procedure. We both twisted our fingers and kept looking at the door, too. She said, “this wait was hard the first time too. I didn’t want to have to do this a second time!”

Micayah went into surgery around 1pm. Dr. Margolis just called us and said that Micayah was a fantastic donor and the harvest went perfectly. I will go to recovery as soon as he starts waking.

4 thoughts on “Micayah Donor Harvest

  1. You all have been in my thoughts since waking this morning. So thankful for your team there. Love you.

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