BMT +3 (day 19)

When I walked into her room the first thing Naomi said was, “I have no nausea this morning! No headache either.” She proceeded to order 4 pancakes, scrambled eggs and a fruit cup for breakfast. She also did a mouthwash all on her own before I got there.

We cleaned up her room quite a bit today. She wanted it to look more like a bedroom and less a playroom. We were missing some pieces of this puzzle and set out to find them, too – and we did!

We folded up the lady bug tent. I think Cait and Sinéad will like to play in there. I will leave it at the hospital for while they visit later this month and need distractions in the room. I’m praying Naomi has an ANC by then.

Rounds were good. Continuing to wean, we are now dropping Zofran to every 12 hours. Her blood pressure has remained normal for over 24 hours even before meds are being taken. Finally!   I also addressed the mouthwash issue with them and they have given us swabs and permission to dilute the mouthwash with water.  Thank God! She is happy about that and did all 4 mouthwashes today with no fuss. I’m elated!

We had 2 dogs with the pet therapy department visit today. That was much appreciated.

Naomi was given a beach ball by PT. We put the bed up as high as we could and played volleyball across it. We also played the beach music playlist on Spotify to pretend we were at the beach. That was fun.

I got us lunch from the main cafeteria. She ate 5 chicken fingers, fries and coleslaw!  For dinner, she had half a grilled cheese sandwich and some clam chowder.  Her appetite is fantastic!

I could tell she was feeling better when I peeked over her shoulder and instead of a game or texting on her iPad she was doing math! After 45 minutes of math together, we watched the Great British Bake Show. While we watched, I knitted; Naomi insisted on giving me a foot rub and we ate ice cream.  It was a lovely hour!  Then we took a walk in the hallways and she ended up on the exercise bike. While riding she requested her book to read while she rode. So I went and got it for her. As nurses and doctors left for the weekend, they smiled at her.

We watched a second episode of our baking show. Then she prepared for bed, got her evening foot rub from me, and then I left for her to sleep. Back at the RMH I did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned up my suite some more. It had been neglected during chemo and the donor/transplant day.

I am so thankful for such a good day today.

2 thoughts on “BMT +3 (day 19)

  1. Thankful with you for such a wonderful day and for the improvement in Naomi! God continues to amaze with all the little bright spots He provides in the midst of dark places.

  2. WOW!!! All I can say is, GOD IS GOOD!!!! I am so elated with this news of great progress!!! My heart is happy. I’m sure yours is bursting with Joy, Kristy! Naomi, you look fabulous and I am loving the hat🤗

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