BMT +5 (day 21) (Sunday)

Today at home the Irish dancers performed at the Henderson Irish festival.  I loved seeing Niamh on stage.  This was her first weekend on the performance stage.  She is made for performing.



Naomi and I mostly worked on a 750 piece puzzle.  We started it after breakfast…

and finished it right before bed!

It was a “Cats of Charles Wysocki” puzzle.  I have one of those at home that Aaron will get to me next week.  I ordered a few more for us on Amazon.  We really enjoy doing these puzzles.

We were paid a visit by the Roman Catholic Chaplain.  It was so great to have him visit.  He first came while I was at brunch at RMH.  Naomi received communion without me.  She told him that she was homeschooled and does Latin.  (She probably didn’t tell him how she tends not enjoy Latin very much.) She also told him that I’d be back in about 20 minutes.

He came back about an hour later with Holy Communion for me.  As if that wasn’t enough, he also brough us Minimus.  You can find more about Minimus here.  We did chapter one on Sunday evening and really liked it.  We think we will start sending home texts in Latin and let them decipher it.  There is a second book that we can also complete  when we’ve finished the first.  It makes learning Latin fun.

Naomi also worked on her scrapbook for a while.  She is doing it all on her own to keep the cards and letters from friends neat.


Healthwise, Sunday was fairly uneventful.  Naomi needed some diuretics to help her kidneys out.  They seem to be the most angry of her organs from the chemo and she is retaining a lot of fluids that need to occasionally be forced out.  Her hair is thinning but no significant loss yet.  She did keep her protein levels up and ate through the transplant.  So perhaps we won’t see complete loss of hair again?  We have been wondering about that.  Her ANC is zero.  She has NO white blood cells to even speak of.  So the chemo worked in that regard.  Her lymphocyte count is zero and has been for a while now.  We just wait for cells to grow.  5 days down and the wait continues.  A transplant really is a test of patience.  She did very well staying busy today.

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