BMT +6 (Monday, day 22)

Monday was a very long and busy day.  Naomi had received platelets by time I arrived.  Her energy has been exuberant to say the least.  So our day was full of activity.

Naomi went to dance class and I had a Social worker meeting. We had less of the feeling of a revolving door than previous business days.  It was actually pretty calm in here compared to the rustle and bustle of a week ago.  All the energy came from Naomi instead of doctors and nurses rushing in and out.

We watched an episode of the Great British Bake Off while she ate all the snacks that I brought with my lunch. Her appetite is amazing. I was surprised when the nutritionist stopped in today and said that Ensure is available if I want to give her more nutrients. The nurse and I agreed that Naomi eats really well and doesn’t need that.

Today Naomi ate: French toast sticks, hashbrown, fruit cup, banana, barbecue chips, pretzels, cookie from Panera, a hot dog, fries, ham and cheese sandwich, and cooked broccoli.

The nurse got us started with the Beads of Courage program.  She was able to choose a bead for her transplant day to add to her string and we made a list of beads she needs to collect. We’re late starting to string beads but it will help us fill her time here.  We also were able to allow Micayah via text message to choose his donor bead and I completed the paperwork to get him beads to string as well.

Milwaukee got dumped on with snow.  It was the kind of snowstorm that the snow blew from all directions and we couldn’t see very far outside the window.  I had to look down at my feet while crossing the bridge and it was stinging to the fcae.

It started in the evening and this was what it looked like when I went to bed:

It looked like this when I woke up:

Naomi texted me when she woke up and I asked her if she looked out the window.  This is what she saw and said, “OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!”

A nurse came in to do wristband inspections.  Naomi groaned and said, “last time there was a band inspection, I got a new one!”  The nurse then took all her bands from her and combined them into one!  Now she has 4 tags on one band – allergy band, fall risk (which she insists she is not), blood bank number, and ID number.

One of the local moms with a child on this floor goes to Panera on Sunday evenings and gets the leftover baked goods as a donation to the HOT unit.  We got bag of goodies and a rose cookie just for Naomi.

Naomi completed all 5 assigned school lessons today – social studies, science, math, spelling and Latin.  We are really enjoying Minimus.  We also played kickball, volleyball, scrapbooked, read some books and walked around the unit.  She also rode the exercise bike for a few minutes.  I had to stop and get coffee to keep up with her…. her doctors are very happy with her condition.  It is still too soon to expect blood count recovery.  So we continue to be patient.  Or try to be anyway!


2 thoughts on “BMT +6 (Monday, day 22)

  1. so glad to see things going so well, and that Naomi is able to enjoy so many wonderful activities! Thank God for Facebook, that we can be part of your journey, even with you all so far away! Continued prayers from your family in Pennsylvania!

  2. Such great news all around🤗 Her appetite and energy are such good signs. “Praise God!” The snow looks lovely. We’re already preparing for the heat as it has been quite warm. I love all the moral booster ideas for the children, sounds like such an Amazing place. Keep up the great Job, Naomi, I’m praying for you daily.

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