BMT +11 (Saturday, day 27)

“What hairstyle should I wear today?” she joked while getting dressed. Her optimism is astounding and Naomi has continued to, in the doctor’s words, “make my life easy.”  Vitals continue to be within normal range and blood pressure well controlled, decreasing meds again by eliminating zofran altogether, eating very well and staying active. Each morning we check her Tacrolimus levels. Tacrolimus is her anti-rejection medicine. It has been a bit fickle trying to keep it in the optimally therapeutic range. She is on 4.5 mg in the AM and 4 mg in the PM. It was reduced because at 4.5 mg each time it kept going over 15 which is the maximum therapeutic value.

On Saturday she painted, played video games, board games and hung out with a group of children who are here for treatment and their siblings who were visiting. She was out of her room all day. Her nurse would stop in here and scan her meds and then hunt her down to give it to her. She would stop in to use the bathroom, give me a hug and check vitals. Then, she’d be gone again. After months of being immune-compromised at home and not allowed to participate in activities with friends, I am happy to see her with other children. It will be great to have Cait and Sinéad here soon.

I knitted a lot, listened to an audiobook and actually did a little midwifery work for the first time since I am here.  I think I will have the transplant blanket knitted so that I am caught up today.  Then, I will just do a block a day and work on some other projects, mostly non-knitting, while here.  The contrast to home life is often hard to deal with for me.  There I struggle to find time.  Here, I have too much of it.  So I made a list of things to do and will start working through them to make good use of my time.

We watched just one episode of the Baking show and are anxious for the season 2 finale tomorrow. With Naomi’s potassium levels staying within normal range, we were able to enjoy some Thin Mints and chocolate chip cookies while watching.

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