BMT +12 (Sunday, day 28)

Sunday has been a day of knitting, movies, and games with visitors.  There is nothing new to comment on really.  She continues to do well.  We are waiting as patiently as we can for some white blood cell counts.  It is not easy to have patience in this situation.  I find myself waking at 6-6:30am to check the chart for labs.  We have an app called My Chart that gives me access to all Naomi’s information as soon as it is available.  That is what I wake for these days – even before my alarm goes off most mornings.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I woke with my alarm as the thought of blood counts wakes me first these days.  When Naomi wakes, she texts me and it is always the first question she has as well.

Weekends are always very quiet here.  But some other patients had family visiting and Naomi joined in their fun playing video games, board games and hanging out.  I got in some introvert time with audiobooks and knitting.

Her sense of humor was on and she was very sassy.  Here she was hiding behind a menu.  She said, “I just know when I move the menu you will take my picture.”

I tickled her and she acted angry.  I said, “I just know you’re not really angry and trying not to laugh.” She started laughing and I started snapping some pictures.


At one point she commented, “I JUST KNEW you wouldn’t take only one picture!”


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