BMT +14 (Tuesday, day 30)

I missed rounds this morning. Once I arrived, the Dr came in and said that they were reducing the appetite stimulant she in on so that now she will only get twice a day. He is also transitioning her to taking all her meds by mouth so that we can get out of here all the sooner once we see white blood cells.

We think we are seeing improvements in the labs but remain cautiously optimistic since we’ve been burned by labs before. Her hemoglobin increased from 9.2 on Monday to 9.6 on Tuesday. She was likely due for a platelet transfusion on Tuesday because her platelet count was 34 on Monday and usually falls 15-20 points per day. But she only dropped from 34 to 32 overnight. Fingers crossed and prayers to high heaven!

We had a hard time this morning knowing it was only one more day to endure before seeing Daddy and the girls.  We kept music going all day and kept the blind to the hallway closed most the day as we danced and sang and did our puzzle to pass the time.

We started that fish puzzle yesterday and were about an hour into it today when we realized that it was a “compare the differences” puzzle in which the box gave us an idea of what the puzzle looked like, but there were differences and therefore the box could not help us put the puzzle together.  It them became a bit of an obsession to get it finished.  Naomi and I took turns complaining about the difficulty of it and needing to take breaks.

She went to music/art therapy and while she was there I knitted for the day keeping with the blue yarn since she doesn’t have an ANC yet.  When she returned we had lunch and played ball in the hall with our little friend.  Once we went back into her room, we were able to focus anew on the puzzle.  After a while I looked at the clock and realized that I had only 8 minutes to get back to RMH for dinner.  Naomi said, “quick, get your shoes and go!  The day FLEW by and when you get back I’ll have myself ready for bed.  Don’t forget to vacuum like you wanted to today.”

So, I did just that.  When I returned at 7:30, she was indeed in pajamas and had done her skin wipes for the day and was still doing the puzzle!  After about another hour, we finally finished that puzzle.

It was my least favorite puzzle that I’ve ever done.  Not sure why?  One issue was that the pieces did not interlock well and it kept being bumped and pieces fell on the ground.  I found it quite frustrating for that reason.

Naomi continues to feel great.  Her skin color looked better to me today than it has looked in months.  She actually looked radiant.  She took all 4 mouthwashes without me needing to tell her to do it once.  She transferred all her meds off the pump and into pills with no difficulty whatsoever.

We ended the day by trimming nails, me providing her with her evening/nightly massage and then I cleaned up the room and organized it to provide room for 3 more people to be in there with us tomorrow!

In the afternoon, a nurse was doing her vitals (which I thought is was interesting that her temperature was in the 98 range all day today whereas she had been in the 97 range before and I’m thinking that is evidence of cell activity too!).  While she was getting vitals done, I noticed how radiant she looked and wanted to snap a photo.  She was being silly.  So the video is so much better…..

5 thoughts on “BMT +14 (Tuesday, day 30)

  1. She looks great! Nice job on the challenging puzzle, I have another for you on the way. Would you like some more yarn? What colors?
    We’re rooting for you daily and love reading your posts. Thanks for keeping us updated. We’re excited you’ll have Aaron and the girls with you soon. 💜

    • Right now, I am ok on yarn. Thank you! I bought some extra and have a project to start when she is back at the house with me and I’m traveling back and forth less.

  2. I love these updates!! Thank you for sharing Naomi’s journey and giving us the opportunity to stay mindful and
    pray. She DOES look so good! Keeping you in my prayers!!! Go warrior!!!! Beautiful warrior that is!!

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