BMT+21 (Tuesday, day 37)

Today was a rest day in every sense of the word. Over the weekend, I ordered groceries to be delivered from Door to Door Organics. Our first order arrived this morning. So I was able to make us some great meals today with really fresh produce.

In the afternoon, Sinéad and I napped while Naomi and Caitríona did some crafts. We also started new puzzles today. Caitríona is working on her own 100 piece while Naomi and I knock out a 500 piece.

The home nurse came today to make sure that I know exactly how to care for Naomi’s lines and keep her meds up to date. It was a bit more difficult while also juggling Sinéad.  She gets IV fluids 24/7 and then once a day I need to hook her up for an antifungal and then the stimulant G-CSF.

We also did laundry today. Having more kids here has definitely made that a more frequent chore. After dinner, we attended a birthday party at RMH for a little girl who turned 4 today.  It was in the long-term kitchen on the second floor.  A family that we were friends with left today to go home.  Their newborn baby is now 5 weeks old and they were released because his health improved.  Another family that we are friends with will leave this coming weekend.

The day seemed very long. All of the days feel very long. Time is so strange.

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