BMT+24 (Friday, day 40)

It was so difficult to wake up the girls as they were sleeping so peacefully this morning. I, too, slept very well only waking one time the whole night. If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll know that is miraculous as I was waking every 15-20 minutes at some times and never slept more than 4 hours since I’ve been here.

We were due at clinic at 8:30am and I woke them at 8:15am.  I had everything packed to go, including myself and woke them just in time to dress and leave. I dressed Sinéad while she was in her stroller. We ate breakfast at clinic after we arrived there just 10 minutes late. We walked in at the same time as our nurse practitioner.

Sinéad was feeling MUCH better today.

She played games and we watched some Curious George while we waited. The internet on my laptop was terrible. So the nurse brought us a DVD of the Curious George movie. We only got about 20 minutes into the movie. So now we have to find it this weekend. I love that soundtrack. 😉

When it was almost time to leave, Sinéad took her shirt off and refused to put it back on. So we walked across the bridge with her having a blanket over her but no shirt. Some battles are not worth fighting.

Caitríona said, “I will push the stroller for you because you deserve it!” She was so sweet. She loves helping.

Back at the room, Sinéad was totally herself. Running around, playing, talking with just an occasional cough or sneeze.

We had dinner with our friends who are leaving tomorrow. I’m sad to see them go but happy for them to go home.  Their daughter and Micayah keep in touch still.  I’m sure the mother and I will be in touch too.  Her husband used to come here on weekends and it was nice to be with them all.  They are the kind of friends that feel like family really quickly.  I made a salad. She made lasagna. About 13 of us who have become daily acquaintances ate one final meal together. When it was over and we were cleaning up, Sinéad removed her shirt again giving all of us a good laugh.  She was asking for a bath because of the spaghetti sauce all over her.  She is definitely mine and Aaron’s child – she cnnot stand being dirty at all.  So I had to abruptly leave and get her to our room for a bath since she refused to put her shirt back on.

She was definitely making up for two days of illness by being silly, independent and busy.   I have fantastic pictures of her parading around my private kitchen in nothing except polka training pants and bunny slippers.  It is definitely as hilarious as it sounds.  I’m so glad she is feeling well.

Naomi’s preview photo from Flashes of Hope was posted on Facebook. I cannot wait to get the proofs for the rest of the photos. This is such a perfect picture of a gorgeous girl.

The Dr stopped G-CSF a few days ago to see what Naomi’s real white blood cell would be on its own. G-CSF tells us that there are cells there and helps temporarily to increase her immunity.  It allows her to be out of the hospital while waiting for more engraftment.  Today without augmentation it was ANC of almost 400. Her red blood cells are holding. Her platelets dropped to 13 so we transfused to protect her over the weekend.

In addition to the platelets transfusion, she got a dose of G-CSF today. I am also going to give her another dose on Sunday.  I have all the supplies to run her IVs at RMH and they deliver to me every few days the IV medicines that I need to administer to her. We do not return to clinic until Tuesday. That means that we have THREE days off! After such a very long and stressful week we are greatly looking forward to being off for a while.

The little girls were put to bed fairly early on Friday night. Naomi and I needed some time alone. Cait fell asleep right away.  Sinéad hung out with us for a while since she had taken a really good nap in the afternoon.  She was pretty well behaved until she finally went to bed around 10:30pm. Naomi and I were going to start watching a movie but Facetimed with everyone at home instead and completed the puzzle we started Monday. This was the longest it has taken us to do a puzzle since we arrived here.

It was a week ago today that Aaron left. It feels like months ago. This week was full of so many transitions that it feels like time just stopped. The countdown to Easter is real this year. This Lenten season is definitely one to remember.

I also want to say that we’ve received so many gift boxes. It is absolutely amazing! We have a special something that will be coming back to you as soon as we have time and can recover mentally a bit. Every gift has been appreciated: homemade cookies, creams and lip care, yarn, hats, craft supplies, books, a new mask, puzzles (candy bars! And donuts!)…. I’m missing so much but we love everything.

I am enjoying the Door to Door organics grocery deliveries as well. The produce is so plentiful and fresh. The cost is good. This week I made a cream of celery soup that was amazing. I used bell peppers, onion, celery, butter, milk, and garlic. I will be doing recipes like that each week. It’s been nice to cook here. The kitchen has everything we need. Naomi and I plan to start doing some baking soon. After watching the British Baking show, we are motivated to create some masterpieces.

Here is to hope that April is a better Monday.  Good-bye March!

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