BMT +25 (Saturday, day 41)

Saturday was a very relaxing day. We slept in until after 9am, said goodbye to friends, had breakfast and then started to watch the latest season of When Calls the Heart. 

Sinéad continued to improve in health. Naomi played some games on her iPad. I relaxed on the sofa holding Sinéad who slept for a few hours.

In the afternoon, I got in a workout while Curious George babysat.  When attached to kids 24/7 without any big kids or husband around and a million potential distractions in all directions, Hulu and Netflix are worth every penny.

In the afternoon, we ventured outside for about an hour.

There is a large field directly behind the RMH. We found a trail weaving through the still bare woods. We saw a squirrel, rabbit, fallen tree, swamp and experienced the crunching of dead leaves under our feet as we walked under cloudless blue skies.

When we first walked into the woods, Sinéad looked up at the forest and said, “oh wow!”  I am not sure if she still felt fatigued or if the grass and rolling terrain overwhelmed her but I ended up carrying her most of the time we were outside making it quite a workout for me. The landscape was definitely not flat!

Naomi and Cait kicked the soccer ball around a bit in the field. It was a lovely escape. The weather was a sunny and calm 58°.

We cleaned up this puzzle that we completed on Friday night.

We are now starting a cats with yarn and knitting puzzle in our room. By starting, I mean that we have it on the table but have not even opened it yet. In our kitchen we are working on a puzzle of vintage candy wrappers. We had some time in the evening after dinner when we worked on that.

We continue to keep Naomi and Sinéad apart as much as possible.  Naomi is sleeping in the same room as the rest of us again.  I keep the diffuser going with onGuard almost nonstop.  I intend to do another marathon laundry day on Sunday and strip all bedding again.  This time, I anticipate that Sinéad won’t be as challenging, and I hope I can complete all the laundry more quickly than I did on Thursday.

Naomi seemed a bit fatigued to me today.  Her energy levels were not there.  Tonight as I write this, she sleeps peacefully though.  Her vitals all remain good with no fever present.  I will just continue to monitor her closely.  I believe that if we get to Monday without her feeling sick, we should be in the clear.  In all honesty, I will need a good week to not be paranoid and watching her like a hawk.  I am repeatedly washing Sinéad’s hands and face and dosing all of us with hand sanitizer.  I continue to pray fervently for Naomi to be protected from illness while recovering.

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