BMT +26 (Sunday, day 42)

Sunday was round two of laundry to eradicate sickies. This time, Sinéad was a great big help. We did another four loads and completed before dinner this time.

It was another relaxing day. Naomi needed more infusions today. So that took up some of our time. We watched movies and did puzzles most of the day. We didn’t venture outside but had all the windows open because the fresh air felt nice.

While cleaning today, I actually pulled all the beds out of their place one by one and vacuumed the entire bedroom.  I moved my bed 90 degrees so that Naomi’s bed did not fit so tight in the corner.  I really prefer this setup.  There is more space now.  It is amazing how easy it is to clean small spaces.  That is the benefit of being here.

Doing laundry meant quite a few trips up and down the elevator.  My little helpers were in great moods today.  They were a lot of fun.

Now that Sinéad is better, Caitríona and Sinéad finally used their magic coins to go to the Magic Room. Sinéad didn’t quite understand the concept of “choose one item” and kept trying to take multiple things. She settled on a baby doll who opens and closes her eyes and has a pacifier.

Caitríona got a My Little Pony playset with a million little pieces. That kept her very busy today.  They shared with each other too.  Caitríona’s set came with a girl who has a laptop. Sinéad has just about claimed that laptop completely.

The volunteers who provided us with dinner must have read my mind. Just yesterday, I thought “I would really love a hamburger right now.” Well, tonight that was dinner.  Sinéad was asleep during dinner. Cait had just woken up as dinner was beginning.  So we took turns running upstairs to the kitchen for food and ate in our kitchen/dining room downstairs. I enjoyed that. It felt more normal for us. We had Aaron on FaceTime which is something we cannot really do while in the main dining room.The kids were laughing and joking around. I think with us being alone it felt less like a restaurant setting and more normal meal talk/behavior came out. It was really nice.

We learned that the little boy we befriended while in the hospital also came down with croup/parainfluenza virus last week and was put on isolation.  Please keep him in your thoughts.  His name is Sam.  He should be coming to RMH soon to continue his recovery.  Naomi is excited to see him.

She was really low key today.  She did all 4 mouthwashes without me needing to remind her or ask about them.  I can tell she is feeling tired and asked her a few times if she felt sick because she just looked down today.  I opened up my discharge notes to be fully prepared and see exactly when I am supposed to call/take her in.  The guidelines here are a fever over 101, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, bruising, nausea.  I continue to pray that I don’t need those instructions but for peace of mind I do have them out and accessible.  I looked up on CDC that Croup/parainfluenza can appear 2-7 days after being exposed.  So I would expect Naomi to have symptoms by Tuesday/Wednesday if she contracted it.

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