BMT +31 (Friday, day 47)

Getting to clinic was difficult for all of us.  We were the latest ever because we woke up at 8:13 and were supposed to be there at 8:30.  Fortunately I had breakfast and lunch packed to go.  So when we got there we ate our breakfast.

Sinéad and Caitríona were well behaved again.  Naomi had to do a prophylactic breathing treatment – pentamidine.  So, I took the girls for a walk while Naomi did that.  We went to the cafeteria for iced tea, up to Naomi’s room to drop her iced tea off, down to the second floor to enjoy our iced teas in the lounge, around the auditorium and to the bathrooms, down the steps to the first floor, past the aquarium where we watched the fish, and then up to the 5th floor and back to Naomi.  She was finished with her breathing treatment by time we got back and the walk was a nice adventure.

Clinic was fairly quick today.  Naomi’s platelets held at 14 over night.  Amazing!  She was still given some platelets for protection over the weekend.  Her virus tests from yesterday came back and she was positive for parainfluenza type 3.  It was what we assumed her to have based on 1) it is going around and other children in the community have it, 2) Sinéad had croup, 3) symptoms all point to it.  It is common for children ages 2-6 and is associated with croup, pneumonia, and upper respiratory symptoms.  When some contract it, it appears as typical cold.  There is not much that can be done to help her get over it except time and IVIG when needed.  She got the IVIG on Tuesday and seems to be improving greatly today.  Her ANC took a hit from the virus to 270.  But she just needs time to recover.  I picked up some Tylenol after clinic today.  The nurse said that I can give her a dose if necessary over the weekend to help with pain relief.   So she feels extremely weak at times.  She felt much better today.  She walked to and from clinic on her own two feet.  She played with her sisters a lot tonight.  It brought tears of joy to my eyes to watch her and Cait pretending to sword fight, tickle each other, chase around the room and hallway, and laughing together.  It was as good for Caitríona as it was for Naomi.  But seeing Naomi play like a normal child made all the difficulties of this week feel like it had been worth it.  She was witty, had a sense of humor and was my Naomi again.  Thank God.

We had a really nice and lazy night around the room.  We are staying in isolation more this weekend and into the future.  I am praying for the health of Aaron and the children at home as they are preparing to come here and Naomi is so at risk for contracting illnesses.  I am looking forward to a weekend of puzzles, knitting, cleaning up the closest to pack stuff to send home with Aaron after Easter.  We are saying goodbye to all winter jackets, gloves, and some finished puzzles.  It is supposed to be a nice weekend with temperatures in the 60s and maybe even the 70s.  I am not sure that Naomi will have the energy for a hike like last weekend, but we will definitely get out for some fresh air.

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