BMT +32 (Saturday, day 48)

We had the entire day off. The weather was beautiful; sunny in the 60s. The wind was a little much and required a hood at times. All of the girls had an absolute dream day playing outside in the garden for hours. 

Naomi is definitely feeling better. Now I just keep hoping it is through the family and Caitríona doesn’t end up with it. I suspect she has had it already as I know she had croup before. The question is whether it was the same strain as she previously had and has antibodies to already.   

Both main meals were provided at RMH. So I even had the day off of cooking. I got a little bit of knitting done to catch up on Naomi’s blanket. Hopefully I can get that all caught up this weekend. Sunday is supposed to be another beautiful day. So I expect them to be outside most if the afternoon again. 

One thought on “BMT +32 (Saturday, day 48)

  1. A beautiful day spent outside playing. That is wonderful! ❤ Prayers for a healthy week for all of your family.

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