BMT +33 (Sunday, day 49)

I don’t have much of an update for today which is a good thing. Naomi had another fantastic day. We played outside in the garden; some of us took naps; we moved a puzzle from the general dining room to our kitchen on Saturday night and worked on it quite a bit today. Our neighbor right next door was the only one working on it with us. So we moved it to our shared kitchen for our convenience. I can contain Sinéad in our wing of the house more than in the general dining room where she runs laps around the balcony, plays on the steps and wanders into other wings of the house. It is a 1500 piece Disney puzzle and quite a challenge. By Sunday evening we had accomplished a significant amount on the puzzle. In the evening, I spent some time knitting and reading with Cait. It was such a normal-feeling day that I forgot to give Naomi her night meds and had to wake her at 10:30pm to give them to her. She said, “oh no! Thank you so much for waking me.” The day was really light on photos too. This puzzle shot was the only photo I took to share with the friend who gave it to us and show her our progress. 

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