BMT +34 (Monday, day 50)

Clinic was fast and easy! By 10:35am, we were back at RMH, dropped our things off in the room and went outside to PLAY! 

Naomi’s ANC was almost 1000. Her hemoglobin was 10.2 and platelets at 33. 

We are reducing her heartburn/indigestion meds since that has not been an issue. As soon as she is no longer transfusion dependent (maybe this week?) we can reduce her Zyrtek also. 

Everyone is generally healthy today. Caitríona has a touch of something. She was due. She said her throat hurts And she sounds like she has a frog in her throat. But her energy and attitude is great. 

Please keep Aaron and the children with him in your thoughts and prayers as they make the 26 hour drive to be with us for Holy Week and Easter. 

Naomi is due to report to clinic on Thursday. We will be enjoying a few days off. I may post some photo blog entries and be light on words while enjoying my family all being under one roof. Naomi was given clearance to stay at the rental house this week. She may also attend Mass this weekend. We are all beyond excited to be together. 

Here is how the 1500 piece puzzle is coming. 

On Monday, our friend Sam got out of the HOT unit after his BMT. The kids were all happy to see each other and play together. 

There was also music therapy to keep us busy for a while. 

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