BMT +36 (Wednesday, day 52)

Naomi was nauseous today so she ended up sleeping for most of the day. She couldn’t tolerate food until late in the day. I called the clinic and spoke with her nurse. We suspect that she needs more time on the Prilosec as she kept saying that her stomach burned. Or maybe she waited too long to eat breakfast after taking meds. We will discuss it in clinic tomorrow with the doctor and see what he thinks. 

Having the family here has been wonderful. Home is definitely not a place, but a feeling one gets when with people who they share life. We had a great day together and are enjoying every moment we can. Every picked up right where we left off and it feels amazing.  Naomi felt well enough to eat dinner with us tonight. Then we all went to the game room and played. 

Sinéad bowled alone and played pinball with Daddy. 

Niamh driving…. now this was fun to watch!

​​​All 7 kids together in one shot. 

And Daddy playing too. 

You’re on the same team, guys! Stop arguing! You didn’t think all my kids get along all the time, did you? Ha!

I think it was 11-0 at this point. Naomi and Aaron led Lauryn and Malakye….. total wipeout. 

When I wasn’t taking pictures, I was bowling with Sinéad, playing hockey against Caitríona or gobbling ghosts with Pac-Man. 

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