BMT +37 (Thursday, day 53)

Naomi’s clinic visit was very quick today. She did not require any transfusions. Her platelets dropped from 33 on Monday to 31 today. Her ANC was 2025. Hemoglobin 9.1. It appears her low counts last week were viral suppression from the parainfluenza virus she had of which all her symptoms are gone. Micayah and Lauryn went to clinic with us today. Her doctor joked that Micayah must have arrived and kicked his cells into gear. Funny how that worked. 

After clinic, she and I were interviewed for a CBS news report that will air in about 2 weeks on the benefits of the dance/movement therapy program at CHW. I will share the link here when it is available. We are continuing to enjoy family time but today felt like it was a very long day. 

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