BMT +40 (Sunday, day +56)

Happy Easter! 

We have been enjoying family time since Aaron, Micayah, Malakye, Lauryn and Niamh arrived. Each day we split time between the RMH and the rental house. We have savored every moment together, attended Good Friday services and some of the family doing a neighborhood Stations of the Cross. It was too much for Sinéad so I stayed back with her and had some  quiet meditative time in the church garden. 

On Saturday I attended an American Heart Association CPR Skills class to keep my certification current for my midwifery CPM status. I did the online portion on Thursday and then did the skills assessment in person on Saturday. It was nice to get that done and feel like I did a little work this week. 

We attended Sunday Mass as a family and then spent the day as though we were at home including afternoon naps (for Aaron, Sinéad and I!), hockey games on tv, knitting and hot tea, walks with the dog, Easter grass and baskets all over the floor, computer games, a ton of food, children both bickering and playing together. It really does feel like home with us all together and knowing how limited this time is makes us all a little sad. I wish I could keep them all here or fast forward another 50-60 days. 

Naomi continues to do well. We brought all her IV stuff over here Thursday night which has allowed us to make ourselves feel more at home and less like going back and forth. 

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