BMT +42 (Tuesday, day 58)

It was a long day. We checked out of the rental house and moved us back in at RMH with all our food. I sent some things home with Aaron in hopes of him not needing to come here again if we can miraculously go home early. We were told to expect to be here 100 days after transplant and that Dr. Margolis would be seeing Naomi regularly for at least 6 months. So our days here are far from over. 

Their leaving was really difficult for everyone. We watched the van drive away and then walked into the house feeling so lonely. This room feels huge and empty without all our big people with us. We played in the game room, went to the playroom for Sinéad who played while Naomi, Cait and I did some school work at the study table. We also did laundry and organized our room. We tried to avoid our room as much as possible because it felt lonely. 

After dinner, Naomi did some crafts and Cait and Sinéad played in the playroom. I am thankful for the variety of ways we can fill our days. I am anxiously looking ahead to June when we can hopefully go back home. June 15 is day 100. 

I did not take many pictures while the family was here. I hold the memories in my heart. It was a great week together. We took an afternoon to drive north a bit to walk down by the lake. It was freezing but worth the cold. 

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