BMT +45 (Friday, day 61)

Naomi’s follow up CBC showed more ANC with platelets and hemoglobin holding steady.  We don’t go back until Tuesday. She is off IV now for eight hours of the day which allows her a lot of time to run and play and feel like a normal child. Along with her improved health it is giving us a lot of spare time here which is making the days feel longer actually and often more difficult to get through. 

Sinéad took a marathon nap which gave the rest of us time to do puzzles, knit, read and play without being interrupted a million times. She adds a lot of love to our days but she sure is a busy bee and a troublesome toddler for sure! Caitríona has now completed lesson 20 of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons. At this point I might make it our goal to get completely through the book before we leave… just to keep us busy. 

Due to Naomi’s lower ANC this week we have shied away from common areas which means we did not go to the study and play room areas on Thursday or Friday. It is amazing how going to that area helped us to focus on school work and when we are in our room we tend to play more and be less productive. We did take an hour in the game room today since no one else was on there. That was a nice distraction. 

I cooked three meals today because there was no dinner served. I made egg and cheese burritos tonight and everyone said they were good. Dad is the primary cook in our family. So I will take that as a compliment. I actually can cook. I just would rather bake. 

Caitríona said “it’s a good thing they cook for us on the weekend.” 

 I said, “yeah, you won’t starve or have to deal with my food.” 

 She replied, “when the other children go to bed, we are going to have a talk about what you just said.” 

 She is hilarious. 

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