BMT +52 (Friday, day 68)

The days are going quite a but better since we moved meds to 10am and 10pm. It fits more with our desired sleep times. Getting more sleep has certainly helped to make the days seem less like we are killing time. 

On Friday at clinic, Naomi’s platelets climbed again to 77. Hemoglobin is holding at 8.8. Her ANC is still down around 500. It was dressing change day but other than that we were in and out of clinic rather quickly. 

We have been spending our days doing much the same with slight variety to keep it interesting. The weather took a turn to the cold and rainy again here. Our nurse practitioner told us a few months ago that the winter isn’t what is depressing around here but the spring because it is still so cool and rainy. She was definitely right. We are missing the sunshine and blue skies offered in the desert this time of the year. 

On day 50 it happened that they were serving cupcakes for dessert. We all were happy to have one to celebrate Naomi’s 50th day since transplant. It was also that evening that Cait dumped water all over the black and white cat puzzle that we had been doing. The pictures on the cardboard begin to peel off of many of the pieces and the puzzle was ruined. We had to take it apart and put it in the box and throw it into the trash.  It took us a few days to recover from that and only on Friday night did Naomi finally start a new puzzle.

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