BMT +55 (Monday, day 71)

Twice a week, Naomi’s dr runs virology scans to look for specific virus DNA in her blood. On Friday, adenovirus came back with a positive result but at a very low amount. It could be that she had it in her body before the transplant and was reactivated. She doesn’t have any virus symptoms but we had to stop by in the clinic today for a few labs to follow up on that. It was a quick stop into the clinic which was not really out of our way since we had to run to the hospital pharmacy to get prescriptions filled today too. 

Each day it seems to take a lot of activities to keep us busy. We play games in the toy room, and ping pong or video games in the game room. 

We finished this puzzle in one day (Saturday night to Sunday) and then found the missing piece Monday.  

Puzzles are much more of a challenge with Sinéad around. But we did manage to finish a second puzzle this weekend Sunday to Monday. 

We do a load of laundry pretty much every day. 

I was even bored enough to do my makeup one day. Actually, it was more that Sinéad let me. It has been a real struggle to get both myself and her dressed before she runs out of our room. Recently, she got out of the shower and ran right out of our bedroom door and went streaking naked down the hallway and to the kitchen where Naomi was making us tea! I heard laughter roaring down the hallway from Caitríona and Naomi who hauled a completely naked Sinéad back to our room. She was picked up by at least 2 video cameras that I am aware of and thought it was so much fun. 

The girls love the art room where they play with playdoh, paint, stamps and whatever else we might find in the open art bin. I am so thankful for this awesome art room. We spend hours each week in there. One day, Sinéad spent about an hour just snipping paper with scissors. It was peaceful! 

Tomorrow is a normal clinic day.  We are craving ice cream. So after clinic I think we might take a surprise field trip to find some. 

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