BMT+70 ( Tuesday, day 86)

Words can’t describe how excited we are to be going home. We are leaving CHW with warm memories of all the nurses, doctors, care team support staff and recreation therapists that made our time here as comfortable as a hospital stay could be. Beyond the staff, the local community support made of families walking a similar difficult path welcomed us and offered support like I have never seen before. Wisconsin is made up of some truly amazing people. 

We are looking forward to leaving the sounds of sirens in the middle of the night (and all times of day, really) and going home where we are free to completely unwind while Naomi continues to recover. The amenities at RMH Eastern Wisconsin were like I have never experienced before. We are appreciative of the friendship of fellow guests and the administrative staff that was full of positive and encouraging individuals. It is a beautiful house and cared for by some amazing volunteers and staff. Naomi’s care at CHW would not have been possible without the provisions provided by RMH. I encourage anyone with a RMH or similar house near them to offer support and volunteer. Families like us who stay here sincerely appreciate it. 

Naomi’s last clinic appt was today and her labs continue to show good engraftment. Now we pack, clean out the room and figure out how to shuffle us and all our stuff onto a plane. But at the other end of the flight, my sons and husband will be waiting for us. It is truly a miracle that we will all be together again. All nine of us have made incredible sacrifices to make this work and it has been worth every bit. I will continue to update the blog once we return home. We report to Dr. Rashid in Las Vegas on Thursday. Aaron already picked up oral meds. Infusions will be delivered tomorrow for me to continue her IV treatments from home. One step at a time, we’re going home!

One thought on “BMT+70 ( Tuesday, day 86)

  1. Wow! Emotional read! So, so grateful you are going home! Our thoughts and prayers will continue, no doubt, and we are looking forward to following your continued healing journey! May you continue to feel surrounded by a blanket of hope and healing!

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