BMT +76

We celebrated a normal weekend at home! It was the first in over 3 months that we were home and she was well as she had been hospitalized for the 2 weekends prior to leaving for Wisconsin. It was actually the most normal weekend since early December 2016 when she became transfusion dependent. I didn’t feel the need to inspect her for bruises to monitor her need for transfusions or check her temperature at all. It was lovely!

That said, she spent a lot of time riding her bike. But it wasn’t until at the doctor’s office today that I saw 2 small bruises on her legs. Fortunately, they look like normal kid bruises and with platelets of 238, I have no need to worry.  So her platelets increased again since last Thursday. Her hemoglobin was also up, now at 11.7. Her ANC took a dip though but only to 920. I will take it. She also has been working with our dog to get him doing more fun things. She is trying to get him to catch the frisbee. Right now he will only fetch it. 

We continue to get adjusted at home. We are decluttering, cleaning, and organizing. We have a goal to return to a minimalist life this summer. While I am not working, I will enjoy the time at home by reclaiming what has gotten out of control over the past 6 months while we had frequent doctor appointments and went to the hospital for transfusions. We are also doing a lot of family time: games, desserts and movies – much needed relaxation time together. 

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