BMT +79

Today was a doctor appointment. We were taken into a private room immediately upon arriving to minimize Naomi’s exposure in the waiting room.  While waiting in there, we did 16 lessons of language arts! 

Vitals and labs were completed. All vitals were within normal range and CBC results were awesome. Hemoglobin 11.8, platelets 259 and ANC 2500! That is her highest ANC count since transplant. 

Her metabolic panel and labs take a few days longer here than they did in Wisconsin. Her metabolic panel report from Monday was fantastic with liver and kidney results all at a safe level.  We are still doing IV 10 hours per day and are not decreasing that at all. 

I did a dressing change last night and noticed that her stitches are not holding the line into her skin. So at her appointment today I asked them remove the dressing and inspect it. They did check it out and photographed it, but didn’t seem concerned because they said that stitches getting loose is common and to continue keeping it well covered and secured. Naomi is very active here at home. So we will now be doing dresssing changes twice a week. I have also started requiring that she come to me for reinforcement if the dressing gets loose because I need to keep a very close eye on her line. Considering all the difficulty we had getting a line installed prior to transplant because of her many scars both internally and externally, it gives me quite a bit of stress knowing that this one is not perfect with loose stitiches. I kind of lost it last night and had a good cry. The long-term emotional stress is getting to me. So when we got back from her appointment today we had ice cream for lunch and took the day off to watch movies. It was a much-needed break for everyone. There is much more down-time to come as we head into a 4-day weekend with Daddy off and no appointments scheduled until Tuesday. This will be her first 4-day break since February. 

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