Thank You, But No

For anyone who feels like my husband and I may have not handled Naomi’s illness properly, or done something differently, I have a few things to say:

1) Naomi did not have cancer. Her bone marrow FAILED and she needed chemotherapy so that her brother’s transplanted cells would successfully keep her alive. There was NO CANCER in her body. It was an autoimmune disease. 

2) For all of who are well-meaning and send me facebook messages or texts about cancer, chemotherapy alternatives, monopolosies in healthcare, fraudulent doctors practices, etc. PLEASE STOP. Trust me, I have read it ALL. 

Anybody who knows me, knows that I am about as natural minded as they come. We tried all that first. Finally, trust me, Aplastic Anemia is a whole different animal. My child needed someone else’s blood every few days to survive.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, But No

  1. I’m so sorry that you even have to say this. You’re awesome parents and should know that you have always done what you needed to do for Naomi and she is strong and getting stronger because of it. Love to you and your lioness. 💕

  2. I can sympathize with your thoughts here. In our case with Rosa’s leukemia I too have heard some crazy ideas about our government and also about aternative this or that. In the end, I have to put my trust in the doctors that are caring for her. I so wish there was another choice than the toxic chemotherapies I’ve allowed to be pumped into her body, still having a year to go! But sadly, there isn’t any other choice that can fully replace the protocol she’s on. I can only pray that we are successful as the 90-something percent and this beast never returns. Relapse is my biggest fear. I have learned through my own experience the incredible anguish of watching your own child suffer. I truly feel for all parents going through this and similar circumstances, and for those facing even more suffering than me. Stay strong. You know what is right for your child. May God continue to provide you with strength and His divine guidance . And may He bless and protect Naomi.

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