Day 100!

Today marks 100 days since transplant! It seems like much, much longer than that though. Naomi is doing very well. Her blood levels are stable. She has successfully decreased fluids to 8 hours per day. She is also discontinuing her blood pressure medicine and the Ursodial. That means she has 5 pills and magnesium powder to take twice per day. She is still on her IV antifungal too.  Her hair is coming in more quickly it seems too. It is starting to stick up in different directions.  While I think it is adorable, she is self-conscious of it and still wears hats a lot.  🙂

After her appt today we came home and baked cupcakes. She made lavender cupcakes and mint icing. She is wearing her “Survivor 100 days” tshirt which was sent to her from the BMT team in Wisconsin. 

2 thoughts on “Day 100!

  1. I can’t wait until the curls come in. Nobody looks at her loss of hair because her face shines so much.

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