Day +148

It has been a while! Life is becoming more normal and that is very good. The boys dance for summer session is over and they have another two weeks off. Sinéad is a busy busy girl who takes the energy of us all. I am so glad that I have teenagers to help chase that lightning bolt! Malakye and Lauryn have about 20 lessons of math from last year to complete. So we are almost done there. Lauryn had a week of nightly play rehearsal. The Missoula Children's Theater was in town and she auditioned with 140 kids ages 6-17 and got a place as a card in the Alice in Wonderful rendition. It included rehearsal Monday thru Friday 2-4 hours per night and then the performances Saturday. It was a very busy week! She enjoyed it and has gotten bitten by the acting bug and is considering more auditions. She made a very cute card. She sent me the featured selfie during dress rehearsal.

Our house is in boxes and our stuff shuffled between old house and new house. We are moving north towards the mountains. The new rental has a lot of space for a family of 10 (Aslan counts, too!) and for me to have a home office for midwifery and doula clients to come have visits. It is quite a shuffle for the kids and I to take things up there as it is about 35 minutes from our current location. Out of the tourist and traffic areas of the city. At the new house, we can walk out our doors or look out our windows and the mountains are close! There is a grassy park 2 doors down from is and 3 grassy areas/parks with playsets in the community. We are literally on the edge of the desert and town, which is a great thing in the city. At least I think so! The transition will likely include Naomi moving back into a bedroom with another child. The 5th bedroom will be my office now so she doesn't get her own room anymore. But she will get her bunk bed back and I think she is excited about that.

Naomi is doing very very well. She recovered from the cold just fine. Last week, the nurse practitioner ordered a test to check her IgG levels and scheduled IVIG for a few days later pending the results of the IgG test. But those IgG levels were high enough that we were able to cancel the scheduled IVIG infusion!

I switched her from a liquid magnesium to a capsule by Pure Encapsulations. I saw an immediate improvement in her magnesium labs and I think I found a new magnesium supplement for us all!

We have had a few issues with Naomi's IV pump. It was running empty and beeping with air in the line prior to the timer being done. The home infusion company brought me a new pump yesterday. It has happened twice in the past month. I get really weirded out by the idea of air in the line!

She had her monthly pentamidine dose this past Monday. Her labs continue to be good. Her ANC was almost 4000 this week! During the cold, her hemoglobin and hematocrit dropped almost alarmingly (to me, Drs said she was "stable" and to not worry – I did anyway). But she is back up over 12 with her Hemoglobin again and her hematocrit is in normal range for the first time since October 2016! Wow, 10 months. Where does time go?!?

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