Naomi got a purple cast on yesterday. It goes above the elbow because she had some instability of the bone when she rotated her elbow. Next week, she will go back for another x-ray. As long as things heal well, she can get a short cast in 2 weeks. She is already planning which color that one will be. Now, we have a weekly appt for her broken bone with one doctor and another appt with her hematologist.

Naomi is obviously very resilient. We went from this at the hospital Monday night:

To this a few hours later while having the most amazing chocolate cake recipe (minus the eggs because I forgot to add them while juggling the news of her cartwheel-caused injury and phone calls/texts to her doctors).

Lauryn finished the cake while we were at ER.

So, Monday we were at ER. Tuesday at the pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Wednesday at hematologist. We are also in the middle of moving about 40 minutes from our old house, to the northwest corner, near the mountains and farm area of Vegas. We love it. The new area – NOT the move! We will be very happy when the move is over. But I digress.

Her blood work today was fantastic. ANC 5000; hemoglobin 12.3; platelets 277. Her dr was very happy with her energy, sense of humor and labs. The fact that her counts are so high is a good indication that her bone marrow is making cells to repair that broken bone. It was her highest ANC since transplant. When anyone asks, “what did you do to your arm?” Naomi replies, “something really stupid!” She is quite a sight with a mask and a cast.

With school starting locally, although we homeschool, activities are starting, too. So, I inquired about what precautions to take for Naomi’s well-being and how involved she can be in activities. The dr said that her immune system is doing well fighting things and we should just continue to sanitize, wear a mask and be cautious around those with illnesses. I will likely carry masks for my other kids. But seriously, we will have lots of hand sanitizer and be sharing liberally. Bath and Body, here I come!

We are looking into whether or not Dr. Margolis wants to keep her IgG thresh-hold higher. We currently infuse IVIG when she reaches 500 or below. To keep her from getting sick frequently, we could increase the thresh-hold to a higher level. Our dr was going to look into that. Since we have so many children involved in so many activities, Naomi is likely to have immune tests frequently, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But we need to see how long her recoveries take. The good news is that she is recovering and her immune system is working. That girl!

I was told that a box from CHW arrived at the Dr’s office with instructions for tests to be done and sent to CHW and Dr. Margolis at the end of the month. It is likely engraftment analysis and such. I think they will he scheduled for 8/30 when she gets Pentamidine next. We did extra tests today to check vit D and bone density minerals….. you know because if the broken arm.

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