Yesterday was a weekly clinic day and monthly Pentamidine infusion. Now the weeks are flying. It feels like she just had Pentamidine but it was due again. At the clinic, we had a lazy day and watched old reruns while the infusion ran. We skipped school although we brought it with us. We were both feeling exhausted and needed the break.

Naomi’s labs were good. ANC 3300; platelets 271; hemoglobin 12.2. Depending on the results of the Creatinine, she may start weaning off IV fluids again. I have left that all up to her. I do not even mention water to Naomi anymore. If she wants to get off the IV, she knows she needs to drink. I refuse to nag about that.

After her hematology appointment, we went to the bone surgeon and had her cast removed and arm recasted with a short cast. We do not need to go back for 3 weeks now and then the cast will probably be removed for good. They said she is healing very well.

Naomi is enjoying Irish dancing very much. She practices a lot. Her optimism has been better this past week than it had been in months. She feels like she has a life again.

We continue to settle into the new house and enjoy being closer to activities and friends. I like only needing to fill the van once per week, too!

Niamh had her first Communion on Sunday. I used it as an opportunity to get a photo of all the kids.

2 thoughts on “+177

  1. Let’s give all the positives here – I love that she can cook on a stove and is so mature, of course she will be good in Irish dance since she was a natural at gymnastics and my ultimate favorite is that I see those lovely blonde curls coming back and I think it is so sweet. Please excuse my grammar Naomi but you are amazing and such a role model to all of us.

    • One of her biggest cheerleaders. ❤ Mary, thank you for always being there to keep us positive. She has had an amazing past week. It is unbelievable what dancing has done for her. I am so happy for her ability to cook, and really she is my best cleaner, too. I missed her ability to clean when she was immune compromised and I had to get her away from the dust while I cleaned. I cannot express how helpful she is cooking, cleaning and folding laundry because she LIKES doing those things. But as much as she likes those things, nothing lights up her life right now like dancing.

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